What’s The Future Of Video Marketing In The Digital Age

Video marketing has become a catchphrase among digital marketers in recent years. It seems more videos are being created; people also love viewing them. On average, Americans spend 16 hours each week watching web videos.

It reveals a dramatic shift in consumption patterns, with a 52 percent increase in the previous two years. For digital marketers, the growing popularity of videos brings up a whole new universe of possibilities.

If you’re still not satisfied with the power of video marketing, consider the below facts and video marketing statistics.

What is video content in internet marketing?

In a nutshell, video content provides video content through a brand’s marketing channels. Videos may be shared on a variety of digital platforms, including:

It’s also worth noting that video content does not have to be for entertainment purposes, which is where many marketing teams get stuck. Videos may be used in a variety of ways by marketers, including:

  1. Video intro
  2. Support videos
  3. Explainer videos
  4. Video testimonials and more

The advantages of using video marketing

As one of the fastest-growing forms of marketing, video marketing may pay off richly in the growth of your business. There are several advantages to using this marketing strategy for your business.

According to a Hubspot analysis, videos can help with brand recognition. If they’ve viewed your brand video in the recent 30 days, over 80% of viewers will remember it. Because videos are both visual and audible, your target audience will recall the material in your video more quickly than a text-based post on your website.

Why should every brand use video marketing?


There are many reasons why video content is the focus of attention. Look at the advantages of video marketing for businesses here.

1. Users are more interested in video content

When attempting to advertise a product online, you are competing for users’ engagement. You must hold their attention whether you want them to make a purchase or participate in your posts. That’s where video material comes out ahead. Try a good online video editor and give an edge and creativity to your videos.

Users consume video more completely than other forms of content, such as pictures and infographics. According to a Hubspot study, many people scan over textual and audio information. Producing video content is the most excellent way to gain someone’s undivided attention.

2. Video marketing has a high return on investment


True, video marketing needs effort. You’ll need to film videos, edit them, and then share them on social media platforms. You may need to invest in specialized tools if you aren’t familiar with the production and editing procedure. You might also hire an expert to do the task for you.

In any case, it’s a monetary or time commitment on your part. As a result, it’s easy to ask if video marketing is worthwhile. According to most marketers who have employed this method, the answer is yes. According to a recent Hubspot research, 88 percent of marketers were happy with their return on investment from social media video marketing.

3. Videos will dominate the online space

Producing video content is essential if you want to capture your audience online. It’s a great strategy to want to ride the wave of video content because there’s a lot of it out there.

Are you confused as to what type of video to create?


Here are some examples of videos you can produce, regardless of your sector or business size: Live videos: Use live videos to interact with your audience in real-time. Most major social networking networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, allow you to make such videos.

  • Tutorial videos: Show all of your company’s products and offer your customers a taste of what it’s like to use your product or service. Make sure to highlight your distinct point of difference.
  • Explainer videos: As the name implies, these movies explain how a service or product works to viewers. Explainer videos are also helpful in increasing sales and making new prospects.
  • Unpacking videos: Use unboxing videos to show off your product packaging and offer your audience a greater sense of what you’re selling.
  • Behind the scene videos: Use event videos to give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at a product launch, a celebration party, or any other offline activity.
  • Influencer videos: Collaborate with an influencer to expand your reach and increase your engagement rate with videos. You may work together on courses, challenges, live videos, and other initiatives.

Search Engines like videos

You’ve probably heard that creating compelling content may help you rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs), right? While this is still true, you are no longer restricted to text-based information.

Videos can also propel you to the top of Google’s search results. Let’s say you want to look for a “muffin recipe” on Google. The first strip below the search results contains videos, as shown in the picture below.

Videos can influence buying habits


The final objective for most marketers is to convince their prospects to buy their stuff, whether directly or indirectly. To create a sale, you must know how to sway a user’s purchasing decisions. Perhaps they have some concerns that need to be addressed? Or maybe they don’t know how to use your product? You may answer their queries using videos, whatever they are!

According to a study by Google, they found more videos influence purchasing decisions. Here are the findings, which they reported in a 2019 article: For in-person purchasing, 55 percent of global customers utilize video. More than half of customers stated that web videos aided them in determining which brand or product to purchase.

Wrap up

Videos are a fantastic method to absorb academic or commercial information because of their accessibility, shareability and propensity to go viral. Video marketing is an effective strategy to guarantee that your brand will grow exponentially and hold good future possibilities in the digital era.

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