Grown Ups 3- Everything Out and Confirmed

Grown Ups was one of the biggest flops of 210 and 2013 for two consecutive installments. The movie is written by Adam Sandler and Fred Wolf and follows a comedy setting. The main purpose of the movie was to give the audience a good laugh, however, it was not appreciated by the viewers. But if the movie was a flop, then why are we talking about another season?

Well, recently the third installment of the Grown-Ups has created a buzz on the internet after the writer Adam commented that he would come up with another flop project after losing the oscar. Although it was just a comment by Adam, it has sparked rumors among the audience about the release of Grown Ups 3. Therefore, we have decided to address the matter and offer you inside news about the release of the movie.

Grown Ups 3- Everything Out and Confirmed

Grown Ups; Everything You Need to Know

Grown Ups is an American comedy movie that originally premiered on Netflix. The movie was meant to be lighthearted and offer an escape from the monotonous routine. However, it failed to achieve its goal and received poor remarks from critics and fans. The story revolves around the life of a basketball team that wins a championship and later disbands with each member pursuing some other roles in his life.

The story proceeds with the reunion of the team members after a decade at the funeral of their coach and later the comedy ensues. Although the makers had expected something good from the plot, it was the same old cliche and therefore, failed to grab the audience’s attention.

The performances of the cast were also lacking despite the popularity of the cast members as seasoned actors. The movie has been released in two installments, both of which failed to achieve ratings from audiences, and thus, the makers decided to pull out of the project after the premiere of the second part in 2013.

Will There Be Grown Ups 3?

Previously there was no news about season 3 of the Grown-Ups since it flopped miserably. However, recently the writer of the movie Adam Sandler commented that he would come with another flop comedy after losing his oscar, which spared rumors among the viewers about the release of the third installment of the movie. Though we highly doubt that. There has been no official announcement from the network or the makers in this regard and all of the time it has just been an angry comment from the writer.

Despite being familiar with all these circumstances, viewers are still talking about the release and also the plot of the upcoming movie. But, we want you to be clear that no official announcement has been made from the production team about this, and for now all of this is the audience’s speculation. However, we might get to watch Grown Ups 3 later in the future if the makers decide to carry on with the project and come up with another installment.

Grown Ups Part 1 and 2 Ratings?

Both parts of the movie were a major flop and failed to gather good ratings from the audience. In 2010, the first part received 1.5 out of 5 stars on the Parent Previews Platform with a rating of 10% on the famous website rotten tomatoes. Apart from this, another source ‘Common Media’ gave the movie 2 out of 5 stars and highlighted its poor reception among viewers and critics.

Later after the release of the second season in 2013, the IMDB gave the series a rating of 5.4 out of 10 with an overall result of 8% on the rotten tomatoes website, which was lower than the first season. Finally, the Common Media gave the same rating for this season as well i.e. 2 out of 5 stars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Rob Schneider not appear in Grown Ups 2?

There have been rumors of Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler falling out with each other while the second part of GrownUps movie was being filmed. However, it was later revealed that the actor was not part of the project because his wife was pregnant during that time and he wanted to focus on his family. The duo later reunited for The Ridiculous 6, which is another movie written by Adam Sandler and was released in 2015.

Will Grown Ups 3 ever come out?


Well, we are as confused as you are about the release of Grown Ups 3. There has been no official news from the makers about the filming of the third part of the movie. Moreover, it has been 9 years since the previous part of the movie was released. The reason makers are not interested in developing the movie is the poor reception of the previous seasons which has led to great loss for the production team.

Are Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler best friends?

Yes, Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler have been best friends for years. Both share a great bond with each other and have collaborated on different projects. Previously there were rumors about both celebrities having a fallout with each other, however, they were later addressed and it was revealed that the former did not join the cast of Grown Ups 2 because his wife was expecting a baby.

Wrapping Up

We regret to announce that Grown Ups 3 is highly unlikely to happen, especially this year. The previous two parts of the movie have received poor ratings from the audience and critics and failed to perform well at the box office. As a result, the makers decided to pull out of the project. However, recently there has been some buzz about the upcoming Grown Ups 3.

We want to clarify that these are just rumors and should be treated as rumors till something is announced officially from the production team. Till then, you can speculate about and enjoy the ongoing hype about the third installment of the movie.

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