How to Install Fanriffic Builds on Kodi 17 Krypton

Hello everyone! This is the first post in my series on how to install Fanriffic Builds on Kodi 17 Krypton. These builds are not created by Fanriffic itself, but by users who create builds for Kodi. Fanriffic will not be releasing their own builds until the 17th of July, and are in the process of developing their own build system.

This is the biggest post I’ve ever written for Kodi Add-ons, so I hope you take your time to read it. My Kodi addiction started around the time when Kodi 17 Krypton was released and I fell in love with it. I wanted to have these builds on my own, but somehow they are only available on Fanriffic pages. I’m sure a lot of you are wondering, how can I install these builds on Kodi 17 Krypton?

In today’s tutorial, we’ll show you how to install Fanriffic Build on Kodi 17 Krypton. Fanriffic’s builds are really good. If you’re looking for stunning Kodi 17 builds. Fanriffic builds have very nice backgrounds and an excellent user interface. With his hard work and the photos below, you get a great build.

Fanriffic builds include Fanriffic Base, Fanriffic Black Glass, Fabriffic Untitled, Fanriffic Sky New Moods Beta, Confluence Sky, Fanriffic Furious Five Mk I and Fanriffic Furious Five Mk II.

You can download them from the Echo Wizard add-on. The compilation includes sections for movies, TV shows, live TV, sports, music and kids. Fanriffic has a large collection of Kodi 17 Krypton builds. You can easily find the right device for you. They use the latest add-ons available and provide you with everything you need to manage all types of multimedia content.

Fanriffic has the following constructions

  • The dragon lights the iconic fuse
  • Dragon on the horizon
  • Fanriffics lights the fuse
  • Panties
  • Electric Eight
  • Disney

How to install Fanriffic builds on Kodi 17 Krypton

    1. Download Kodi 17
    2. Select the HOME screen
    3. Select Additions
    4. Adjustment knob
    5. Include unknown sources
    6. Back to HOME screen
    7. Select the Settings button
    8. Choose File Manager
    9. Click on Add a source
    10. Enter in the upper field.
    11. Enter FANRIFFIC in the lower field.
    12. Back to HOME screen
    13. Select Additions
    14. Choose a browser add-on
    15. Installation from a Zip file
    16. Choose FANTIFIC
    18. Wait for the notification that the addon is activated.
    19. The Master is now ready to work
    20. Back to HOME screen
    21. Select Additions
    22. Additions to the programme
    23. Select the Fanriffic wizard
    24. Go to Builds, select your build and click Install.
    25. The assembly has now been downloaded

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