How to Improve your Football Live Betting Skills in 5 Easy Tips

Live betting is super cool! They allow you to experience the event on which you have chosen to bet. But be careful. The way you study, play and live them is often very different from how you approach classic predictions. Here are five rules to check your bets on live betting football with method and awareness. You can also apply these tips in this bookmaker en ligne.

1. Partial statistics


Don’t forget to give importance to the numbers. Statistics have nothing to do with calculating probabilities, but they offer us fascinating and mathematical insights into how football teams behave. Many teams tend to provide a specific outcome with a sure consistency.

In addition to statistics on performance over 90 minutes, there are also statistics on partials. We are talking about statistics that refer to both the 1st and the 2nd time. On the web, several sites deal with providing statistics partially.

Are there constant trends throughout the partial? Of course, one can often draw beneficial insights from these figures to study predictions.

2. The characteristics of the teams



Each team can be analyzed under four different magnifying glasses: the tactical characteristics, the technical characteristics, the athletic characteristics, the psychological characteristics. Several websites on the Internet are dedicated to tactical and match analysis. They are instrumental. But what is helpful to know from a forecast perspective? The first thing to determine is whether we face a proactive or reactive team.

Proactive football aspires to self-sufficiency to determine the tactical environment of the match with little concern for the opponents’ intentions.

How to translate tactical knowledge into a football live betting opportunity? By studying the type of coach affected by the event we want to focus on, we will have more chances to guess the evolution of the match. For example, a proactive team tends to play the same way whether they are leading or trailing. Indeed, often, if he takes the lead and the opponent turns out, he tends to offer the leader!

Conversely, a reactive team tends to exhibit a very speculative attitude. If he’s winning 1-0, he takes an even more defensive and conservative stance. He will most likely reduce offensive sorties in an advantageous condition, relying on counterattacks and set kicks. Usually, the counter-attacking teams suffer if they fall behind, especially if the opponent presents himself on the pitch with a tactical attitude of waiting, and therefore in the mirror.

Being prepared on the technical characteristics of the teams is much simpler and within everyone’s reach. But if you want to deepen your study, it is also good to identify the moment of athletic form of the team. This can be deduced from the last five results, the unavailable list, and any statements offered in the pre-match or half-time by the two coaches.
All valuable information to suppose the given team will have the strength to recover or end up at the opponent’s mercy.

As already mentioned, the psychological analysis of the team is also very useful. This is a less simple type of analysis, but it is not, therefore, unlikely. Usually, it is bloody and psychologically strong teams that offer comebacks. On the other hand, the winning teams hardly concede the first goal to their opponents. While well-organized and compact teams in the locker room. But still immature, tend to need to go behind to break the ice. And overcome the tension at the start.

3. The type of competition


And here we are at a decidedly simpler interpretation, the type of competition. There is a huge difference between live league bets and live cup bets, play-offs, and play-outs. Most of the teams – especially the reactive ones – adapt their attitude to the competition rules.

The knockout matches that involve a first leg and a return match are often conditioned by the rule of goals that are worth double away. How to use this knowledge in our favor? It is exciting to bet live on the return matches.

The reason is simple. After a very open first leg and full of goals, but in favor of one of the two teams, we will have a better chance of seeing an open game in the second leg. The team is at a disadvantage, if in our opinion, they still believe in the next round, sooner or later, they will have to find themselves in the process of scoring. Maybe he will give the opponent a restart. And especially if the opposing coach is reactive or counter-attacker, we will have a good chance of seeing a goal from both teams.

4. Live standings and results


Never forget to look at the live leaderboard before placing a live bet. Especially starting from February, the teams’ performance begins to vary a lot according to the individual motivations from the ranking. To beat the game on time, it’s best to keep the leaderboard ahead or focus on a couple more split times. Otherwise, you risk getting caught in a hurry, given the number of results. And calculations to be done quickly before the odds change.

5. Your awareness


Football is not an exact science. The evolution of a match and the reactions of 11 different players for each team are not perfectly predictable at the table. Try to remember your adrenaline level locally during live betting. Imagine how many times the adrenaline of the real protagonists on the pitch multiplies. The result is technical, tactical, athletic, and psychological hyperbole of all kinds.

Indeed we have revealed a series of secrets on approaching live betting football but consider many variables. When they multiply between them, it is precise and mathematical to offer surprises. Human factors influence the result of a football match, and between them are not added algebraically but multiply humanly.

Yes, football is played by human beings and is subject to emotional variations, which we do not believe anyone has ever learned to predict exactly. Not surprisingly, football is often said to be a non-exact science. And if not, we wouldn’t love him madly.

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