6 Reasons to Never Settle a Motorcycle Accident Claim Without a Lawyer

A car accident is a stressful event even when there are no health consequences. Since the good weather has come to us, more and more motorcyclists are on the road, and we know that they are the ones who are most often injured or killed in traffic accidents.

An accident cannot be predicted or prevented, but its consequences can be mitigated. It is for this reason that it is necessary to pay insurance. This is one of those investments that you hope will be wasted, but it is also good to know that the damage will be compensated if an accident occurs. According to a statistical analysis by the World Health Organization, 1.2 million people die each year as a result of traffic accidents, which makes them the leading cause of death among the population aged 15 to 29.

When we talk about material damage, the term that is often used is “minor material damage” and it is a very broad term, so it is best to leave it to the competent authorities to determine what kind of damage it is. It is the same with bodily injuries for which it is important to collect all the necessary medical documentation in addition to entering in the record, which will be used in court proceedings to determine the amount of non-pecuniary damage. Every person involved in a traffic accident is entitled to material compensation.

However, in order to be entitled to compensation if you are a direct participant in the accident, it is necessary that you have no alcohol in the alcohol test, whether you are guilty of the accident or not. In any case, it is recommended that you never accept a claim without the presence of a lawyer for the reasons you will read below.

1. A lawyer is here to defend your interests


Keep in mind that in this process, too, everyone will defend their interests, so it may happen that the insurance company offers a much smaller amount than what you think you should get.

Sometimes it happens that the insurance company does not respond to the request. In that case, the lawyer is here for you to file a lawsuit with the competent court.

You also have the right to seek damages in court, and it is important that you meet the deadlines provided by law. These procedures may be undertaken by the injured party or his legal representative.

2. Save time

Hiring a lawyer will definitely defend your interests and save your time, and time is money. What is enough for you to do is to remember all the possible details of the accident and not hide even the smallest detail, especially not those things that you think are not in your favor.

3. Assistance in damages proceedings


Legal assistance is not always necessary, it is the insurance company’s task to start the procedure, but it is certainly useful if you want to receive a compensation without unnecessary hesitation in full. Also, it is important to pay attention to legal deadlines and the like. The merits of the claim are assessed according to the quality of the evidence, and above all after the expertise of experts in certain specialties, depending on the type and degree of injury and whether the injured party has impairment, reduced life activity, degree of mental pain and fear.

4. Rejection of a claim for damages

We mentioned that this is also one of the possibilities that the insurance company considers the request unfounded. In that case, the client has a higher chance of being charged when he turns to a lawyer. The lawyer is there to represent the client in his best interest because he knows the law. If the case is not resolved out of court, Michigan motorcycle accident attorney is forced to protect the client’s rights through the court, where the collection of default interest occurs from the due date of each invoice to the date of payment. They will invest in legal remedies and there may be a lawsuit and thus a higher collection.

5. Types of damage from a car accident


The consequences of a traffic accident are reflected in the occurrence of material and non-material damage. Accident participants are often unaware that they are entitled to monetary compensation even when there is no visible damage or physical injury. Non-pecuniary damage is paid due to the fear suffered, physical pain due to injuries, mental pain due to disability, mental pain due to the death of a close person paid to the family of the deceased, etc. Of course, your lawyer will instruct you best.

6. Attorney’s fees

What is definitely in favor of anyone who is considering whether he needs a lawyer in this procedure is the fact that most do not charge any costs in advance, but at the end of the procedure collect costs in the form of an agreed percentage of damages awarded in court. the procedure for compensation of damages can be carried out without any payments and with maximum protection of the client’s interests.

Final thoughts

Traffic accidents happen relatively often and it is important to know how to act in that situation. When a car accident occurs, after calling the police and taking safety, your next step should be to call a lawyer. Choose a law firm that will help you exercise your rights quickly and efficiently.

An attorney who knows the traffic rules well will fight for your rights. If the insurance company offers an inadequate amount of compensation, it will file a lawsuit and hire experts who will give their objective opinion on the damage to which you were exposed. By hiring the right lawyer, you will get maximum legal protection and rights that belong to you according to the Law. For example, insurance companies always refuse to pay compensation for the fear suffered if the person did not suffer physical injuries, while the court regularly awards such compensation.

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