Analyzing EURO 2024 Favorites – Top Contenders To Watch

As the group stage is over, we are expecting to see even more exciting games in the play-off round. Also, we have to add that we noticed quite a contrast between groups. In some of them, the results were expected, while they were surprises as well.

For most people, group C was the most unattractive, with most of the games ending in draws. Fans expected more from England, the main favorite in that group, yet they only scored twice in three games. Another surprise was seen when England barely managed to pass Slovakia in the next stage, by evening the result in the 95th minute of the game, and then winning in extra time.

Moreover, a lot of people think that the quarter-final stage will be easier to guess. You can even earn some money if you think you can make the right predictions. Therefore, check out 20 Bet. Also, we will now analyze more on who are the main favorites and teams most likely expected to end in the final.



Everyone expected more from France in the group stage. That is not a surprise considering that they have one of the strongest attacking formations on the continent. Yet they won only one game and drew 2, scoring only 2 goals in 3 games.

Their next opponent in the play-off round is Belgium. This team showed a mixed form in the group, but still, they are a tough opponent. Even though France is the favorite, seeing Belgium win won’t be a huge surprise as they have some top players like Lukaku, De Bruyne, Doku, and others.

On the other hand, France undeniably holds more quality with players like Mbappe, Dembele, Kante, Saliba, and other players, all from the top 5 leagues in Europe.


The loss against Georgia may serve as an alarm for them to gather up and consider changing some tactics and formation. Their next opponent was marked as an underdog, but Slovenia also surprised in the group stage, they drew all three games even though the opponents were favorites.

Portugal, on the other hand, started great, with victories against Turkey and Chechia. We think that the last loss was just a “bad day” for them. The team around Ronaldo looks strong in all areas.

They have all that is needed to win this tournament, starting with a strong defense led by Dias and Pepe, a creative mind with Fernandes, and both Leao and Silva as wingers capable of finding Ronaldo from any spot.



As we already mentioned, England had a rough start to the tournament. It was a miracle for them to pass Slovakia in the 1/16 round.

However, the fact is that they have the most valuable squad in EURO 2024, led by top players like Bellingham, Kane, Foden, and others. They don’t lack quality in any position actually.

The next game is against Switzerland where they are marked as favorites. But still, Switzerland is a tricky opponent. They may lack individual quality. At least they don’t share the same one as England, but they are showing amazing teamwork, and great results in previous tournaments are also proof of that.



They are another surprise in the tournament. Unfortunately, a negative one. We expected to see more from them. Yet they finished the group as 3rd and got to the next stage as they were best ranked in that position.

No one expected them to receive 3 goals as their defense is led by Van Dijk, one of the best defenders in the world. The rest of the team also holds high quality, especially when it comes to Ake, Gakpo, and Malen.

Therefore, we think they still have a great chance. You know how it is in football, small details can turn things around. The Netherlands is a strong favorite against Romania, and it would be a huge surprise to not see them in the next round. They may even get their chance for a rematch against Austria, which is playing against Turkey in the 1/16 round.



Spain has demonstrated impressive form in the EURO 2024 tournament, particularly with their recent 4-1 victory over Georgia, which secured their spot in the quarter-finals. This performance followed a dominant group stage where they topped Group B, winning all their matches and not conceding a single goal.

Key players like Pedri and Morata have been pivotal in their success. Manager Luis de la Fuente’s tactical flexibility has allowed Spain to adapt effectively to different opponents, maintaining a high level of performance throughout. Spain’s defensive solidity, led by Laporte and Carvajal, and their dynamic midfield, featuring Rodri and Olmo, have been crucial.

As they prepare for the next stages, their blend of youthful energy and experienced leadership makes them strong contenders to go all the way. With a solid tactical foundation and a cohesive team effort, Spain is well-positioned to aim for the EURO 2024 title.



Germany has shown a strong performance in EURO 2024, advancing to the quarter-finals with a decisive 2-0 victory over Denmark. This success comes after a solid group stage, where Germany demonstrated their efficiency and tactical prowess. Key players like Joshua Kimmich, Kai Havertz, and Jamal Musiala have been crucial in both defense and attack, providing a well-balanced and dynamic lineup. The team is currently managed by Julian Nagelsmann, who has brought innovative tactics and fresh energy to the squad.

Germany’s defense, led by Antonio Rüdiger and supported by the reliable Manuel Neuer in goal, has been a fortress, allowing few opportunities for opponents. In midfield, Kimmich’s versatility and Havertz’s creativity have been instrumental, while Musiala’s attacking prowess has added a cutting edge to their forward play. Their ability to transition quickly from defense to attack has made them a formidable opponent.


As we move into the knockout stages of EURO 2024, the competition is heating up with top teams showcasing their strengths and determination. Spain and Germany have both demonstrated impressive form, with Spain’s tactical prowess and Germany’s balanced lineup making them strong contenders for the title.

Alongside other favorites like France, Portugal, and England, the tournament promises to deliver thrilling matches and memorable moments. Fans can look forward to intense battles and possibly some surprises as these top teams vie for the ultimate glory in European football. Stay tuned for what is shaping up to be an exciting finish to EURO 2024.

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