4 New Deals and Developments in the Gambling Industry Planned for 2024

The gambling industry has always been one of the most open to innovations and new technologies. In fact, it has even actively financed some of these developments. While most people think that casino games have never changed, this is wrong: there have been many exciting innovations, especially in recent years, some of them reminiscent of science fiction movies. In 2024, we will continue to see new technologies in the gambling industry, and we will be able to access them through online casino CA sites. So, what developments can we expect and what do they promise for this industry? We answer these questions below.

1. Micro Betting


The term may sound strange at first, but it has become increasingly popular, especially in the last few years. Canada passed “Bill C-218” in August 2024, which means sports betting will become legal across the country by 2024. In other words, legal sports betting will become very common in a short time and the popularity of micro-betting will increase even more.

In order to explain what this is, we first need to briefly talk about traditional betting. Regardless of the type, the vast majority of sports betting deals with events that are expected to occur over a wide period of time. For example, if you bet on who will win a match (which is the most common type of bet around the world), you have to wait for the match to be settled, which can take hours depending on the sport.

Micro bets, on the other hand, do the opposite, splitting a match into very small time chunks, giving you the chance to bet on events that can happen in those chunks. For example, you can bet that a corner kick will be taken 2 minutes after the first goal is scored. If you want, you can also bet that a player will be out of the game with a red card between the 20th and 25th minutes of a football match. In any case, you are betting on an event that will occur in a very short time frame, and this type of bet can offer very high odds.

The most impressive thing about this option is that it needs artificial intelligence and machine learning to work. Current betting platforms are not advanced enough to calculate the odds of events that can happen in such short timeframes. The relevant calculations can be made only when artificial intelligence and machine learning are used together. This means that betting platforms will become increasingly autonomous starting in 2024 and will be almost entirely controlled by AI. This improvement will allow us to get much more satisfying odds, more betting options, and faster service.

2. Exchange Betting Will Become Common and Easier


Betting exchanges already exist, but they are not very easy to use: most bettors don’t even understand how they work. Although these exchanges are similar to a betting pool you organize among your friends, they do not work so easily in practice, and this causes the exchange market not to grow at the desired rate. In 2024, this could change completely as traditional sportsbooks are preparing to offer exchange betting in a simpler and easier way.

For example, you can create a group at Sky Betting, invite people to this group and create your own betting pool. In this option, the founder of the group becomes the bookmaker. You can comment on the bets placed by your friends on all sites of the Superbet Group, challenge them and bet in the opposite direction. In Betbull, you can make your bet public and allow other users to make the same bet. All these features are also available on exchange sites, but they are not so easy to use. Traditional sportsbooks, on the other hand, are preparing to make this system much easier and more practical by simplifying it and keeping it generally limited to your group of friends.

3. “Wearable” Betting


We have been using wearable technology products for several years, but until now, it was not possible to say that they are very “advanced” devices. For example, almost all smartwatches were designed mainly for fitness purposes: they were not very suitable to be used for any other thing. However, the operating systems used by these devices have evolved over time, gained additional features, and wearable devices have become easier to use. For this reason, we expect the development of gambling applications exclusively for them, starting in 2024.

The latest versions of watchOS and WearOS have innovations to make this possible. The screens of these devices are still not large enough to comfortably play most casino slot games, but this is not a limitation for sports betting. Imagine that live odds are sent to your smartwatch while a match is in progress, and you can place new bets by simply tapping the screen. You can follow the important developments in the match with your watch without the need for your phone, and you can even do things such as withdrawing money and reaching support directly. We think that sports betting will lead the wearable gambling technologies, and this will be followed by casino games developed specifically for these devices.

4. Crypto Tokens Will Replace Casino Credits


Crypto tokens have been around for a long time, but their use has mostly been limited to people who know what blockchain technology is and how it works. In other words, it was not possible to say that they were used at the mainstream level. However, in recent years, the Ethereum blockchain has become more suitable for integrating into existing systems, which will allow us to see crypto tokens even on the traditional casino and betting sites.

In this technology, your deposits are converted into encrypted tokens, whose ownership is determined digitally. In other words, you view your balance as a type of crypto token, not Fiat currency. This has many advantages: you can transfer your tokens to the blockchain at any time, exchange them for a cryptocurrency, deposit and withdraw money without geographical and legal restrictions. Since crypto tokens do not use the traditional banking system, they cannot be restricted in any way. Moreover, the blockchain itself guarantees the fairness of the games, and there is no need for bureaucratic obligations such as KYC controls and licenses.

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