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5 Easiest Zones For Leveling in World of Warcraft

If you finally finished creating and naming your character – which took me more than an hour to do – you’re most likely ready to start exploring Azeroth! However, if you want to level up quickly and get to the really fun parts of the game, you should know that there are some zones that you should head to first. To make things easier for you and to help you level up quicker, here are the top 5 easiest zones that you go explore:

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  1. “Teldrassil”

If you do some digging on this location, you’ll learn that it’s basically a large tree emerging from the ocean. Now, the area is quite small and restricted to the Night Elves because of where it is situated, however, it’s one of the easiest locations for leveling up quickly. Keep in mind, this particular place is the only one where you’ll be capable of finding Strigid Owls, which is one of the most popular tamable animals in the game.

  1. “The Barrens”

Next is the Barrens, a location that a lot of new players enjoy roaming while others might avoid doing so because of how easy it is. Why do they avoid it? Well, the runs are a bit longer than usual, but nonetheless, it will offer a wide range of options for leveling up. If you like heading to dungeons, this will be the best place that you can go to, especially since it’ll provide you with various, rare resources. There are also World of Warcraft boost companies that could help you, so, check them out as well.

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  1. “Westfall”

It’s weird that Westfall is frequently neglected by players, however, there are various things this zone can offer you. Now, you should know, it’s a little bit challenging for players that are at a low level, however, once you figure it out, it’ll be quite easy to roam it. Also, it’s worth mentioning that if you enjoy learning more about the lore of WoW, this location is a must, especially since it’ll provide you with a lot of information that you cannot find anywhere else.

  1. “Silverpine Forest”

The first thing that you should know about this zone is that it’ll provide you with so much more than you can see on the map. The keep, lake, and wall will all be accessible for you, however, the dungeon won’t be unless you’ve reached lvl 20. The eastern shoreline can be accessed by lvl 40 players, hence, if you haven’t reached level 20 or 40, it might be best if you leave this particular zone for when you get stronger.

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  1. “Darkshore”

Last on our list of zones, but equally, as beneficial as every other zone we’ve mentioned is Darkshore. It is a location where you’ll learn a lot of tragic tales and stories, but if you’re a fan of moody locations, you won’t have an issue with it. If you spend some time at the Darkshore, you’ll learn how Queen Azshara rules with the power of magic and as you might have guessed, the end of the story isn’t as happy as you might want it to be.


Whether you just started playing World of Warcraft for the very first time or if you have been a veteran player that got a little bit nostalgic, the areas we’ve mentioned above will help you level up quickly, which will, in return, allow you to enjoy the game more. Since you now know where you should head to when you’re done creating your character, don’t lose time, instead, open up the game and start leveling up.

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