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Jessie Coffield is a well-known name in the world of social media as a famous Instagrammer, Social media personality, and American host. Jessie Coffield is mostly known as a sports anchor and reporter among the public. She is quite the talented reporter in the world of sports and related events. She can be seen on numerous super bowl commercials and is hence also known among the fans as Draft Commercial Girl.

The talented lady is also playing as the host of the well-known show “The Sweat at DraftKings”. Before officially being exposed to the famous world of sports, she was a lacrosse player. Not only just an ordinary player she was the captain, leading the women’s lacrosse team of her high school.

The American TV character, Jessie Coffield came into the spotlight when she first hosted a talk show and since then she hasn’t stopped gaining more and more fame in the media world.

Considered the most flourishing host recently, she has been in a continuous process of achieving more audience.

Career Biography


The formal and proper journey of Jessie Coffield as a journalist of sports started as an intern in her early twenties. She has been a talented person since the very beginning and hence proved her worth with her hosting. As an intern, she worked for The Boston Red Sox and also in the Washington Capitals NHL Hockey Team. She kept working as an intern till 2012 and later was given the better opportunities that she availed.

In 2013 she was given the offer to work as an- Air Broadcaster for the famous channel CBT News. Along with this, she was also offered to be the assistant Editor, which was a huge opportunity for the newly introduced journalist. Later in 2014, Jessie got another great opportunity to join RevsTv, so she took it and joined there as the sideline reporter. This got her a further boost in excelling in her field as a reporter.

It was in 2105, that Jessie Cofield joined Lax Sports Network as a sports anchor. There she worked for the next three years and then she started working in DraftsKings Inc as a host. She is still serving as the host and is very appreciated throughout. The show is currently located in the Greater Boston Area.


Although Jessie Coffield hasn’t been very open about her exact height stats, it was estimated via different platforms and sources that the height of the journalist and anchor is about 5 feet and 6 inches. Given these height digits, the journalist looks quite the fit for performing as a host and journalist of sports. She has been a sports person since her college life, that’s why her physique is a perfect fit to look like an athlete while reporting about them.


Jessie has an amazingly perfect-shaped body with a maintained weight of 65 kg. Although the exact stats cannot be reported due to the variability of weight at different phases and according to the routine. The host has been keen on her body fitness and hence has a tough exercising routine to maintain her weight and look perfect for hosting games-related shows.

Net Worth


Working as a talented host and journalist, the newbie star has earned great fame. She has proved herself in different fields and is still carrying out the hard work to be more praised and appreciated. As a host in Draftking, Jessie Coffield earns around $85,063 per year. Assuming from her Instagram posts, one can easily state that she lives a luxurious life and can easily afford an expensive holiday with her fiance.

As of 2024, the estimated net worth of the journalist and famous social personality was about $950k USD. She has different earning sources namely, Instagram platform, social media influencer, and hosting. She has been active in her career and one can depict her net worth to be further increased surely in the coming days.


As of 1990, the age of the influencer and the host can be deduced as almost 30 years old in 2024. She has earned so much in the last ten years and the last ten years have been a game changer for her career. She saw quite the appreciation and boost in her hosting career and managed to grab millions of followers and praisers.


The parents of the star are Guardians William and Kristen Coffield. She has been raised well along with her two kin/ siblings named William Coffield Jr. and sister Virginia Coffield. Jassie Coffield was born exactly on the Fifteenth of October, 1990 (15th Oct, 1990).

Quick Wiki Facts and Information on Jessie Coffield

Full Name/Real Name Jessie Coffield
Date of Birth/Birthday 15th October 1990
Age 30
Birth Sign Libra
Born Country USA
Nationality American
Hometown Alexandria, VA, USA
Ethnicity White Caucasian
Parents William and her mother Kristen Coffield
Siblings brother William and sister Virginia
Profession Sports journalist
Education(college/university) Boston College
Marital status Married
Fiance / To be Husband Michael Nowak
Wedding June 2024
Social Media Twitter and Instagram
Salary Over $85,063 per year
Net Worth $950k USD
Height in Feet 5 ft 6 inches
Height in Meters 1.67 meters

 6 Facts About Jessie Coffield


• Even being a famous social media personality, the host still hasn’t been added to Wikipedia. Although her brief bio can be found on different internet sources.
• Jassie Coffield was born to William and mother Kristen Coffield on the 15th of October, 1990. As of now, the star is almost 30 years old.
• Currently, she can be seen working as a host on one of the famous shoes “Draftkings Inc.” which she joined in 2018 as per her LinkedIn profile.
• Also, popularly known as the Draft Commercial Girl because of her appearances in the Super Bowl Commercials.
• Jessie Coffield has been Captain of the women’s Lacrosse team in her college.
• The total net worth estimated as of 2024 is about $950k USD.


The famous TV host, Instagram star, and social media influencer is a talented lady on the rise to achieving more success. Jassie Coffield is famous as a draft commercial girl and currently hosting in the famous ‘Draftkings Inc.’ and known f0r being the sports reporter.

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