The Darkest Minds 2: Will the Movie Based on Alexandra Bracken’s Novel Comes Back for the 2nd Time?

If you are interested in watching romance, misery, adventure, thrill, and action all in one package then The Darkest Mind is a perfect choice for you. The movie is based on Alexandra Bracken’s novel of the same name and was released in August 2018. Since then, it has been 3 and a half years since we have heard back anything from the makers about the development of the sequel of the movie.

Fans of the book and its movie adaptation are getting eager to know the release date of the second installment in The Darkest Mind franchise which will deal with the story in the second book entitled “Never Fade ”. Therefore, we have compiled all the information about the release date, plotline, trailers, and spoilers of The Darkest Minds 2.

The Darkest Minds 2: Will the Movie Based on Alexandra Bracken’s Novel Comes Back for the 2nd Time?

The Darkest Minds; Plotline

The Darkest Mind is a well-known movie adaptation of the novel of the same name written by the famous novelist Alexandra Bracken. The movie was released in August 2018 and focused on the life of teenagers that acquired superpowers after surviving an epidemic of contagious diseases. The government announces the arrest of those with superpowers and we follow the journey of a group of teenagers who escape from the authorities.

The movie offers a perfect blend of different emotions including love, heartbreak, fear, and action, and therefore, is well-received by the audience. Unfortunately, it failed to gain good ratings on various platforms including IMDB, which gave it 5.7 stars out of 10, and rotten tomatoes where it only earned 15% ratings. Since the premiere of the first installment, it has been four years since fans have heard about the release of the sequel of the movie despite its poor ratings.

The Darkest Minds 2; Release Date


Even after several inquiries from the fans and constant pressure on the production team, the makers still haven’t revealed anything about the release date and development status of The Darkest Minds 2. In addition to this, various people are speculating that there might not be a sequel at all due to the poor ratings received by the first part of the book. However, we have a different opinion on this.

There is a great chance that a second part of the movie will be released since the story is already available in the form of a novel that is highly popular among the readers. Furthermore, part one took at least four years from the first announcement of the movie and its premiere in 2018. So, we are speculating that the sequel will also take the same amount of time if not more than that. We suggest you be patient and wait for the official confirmation from the makers regarding the status of the second installments.

What Will Be the Plot of The Darkest Mind 2?

Since the movie will be the adaptation of the second book entitled “Never Fade ”, we speculate it will follow a similar plotline. Though the makers might change a few details in the story, the main theme of the plot will be similar and will continue from where the first part ended. This means that you will most probably get to see a similar cast as that of the first installment of the movie, which is a great thing.

I always prefer watching the same actors reprising their roles whenever a sequel is made. This allows me to connect with the characters easily and enjoy the story without any complexity. Whenever a new face is introduced to an existing character, it becomes difficult to connect the new actor to the character and can often destroy the whole experience for the audience, thereby leading to the poor reception of the movie. Fortunately, that won’t be the case for The Darkest Minds 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Darkest Minds popular?

The Darkest Minds was based on the popular novel of the same name. Although the movie was highly admired by the readers of the novel and other audiences, it failed to gain ratings on various platforms and also did not perform well at the box office. The movie received 5.7 stars out of 10 on IMDB, which is an average rating, and 15% ratings on the rotten tomatoes website. Thus, leaving little impression on the critics.

Is the Darkest Minds movie based on a book?

Yes, the movie is based on a famous series of books of a similar title. The novel has been written by Alexandra Blacken and features seven books in the series. The order of the books includes The Darkest Minds, In Time, Never Fade, Sparks Rise, In the Afterlight, Beyond the Night, and The Darkest Legacy.

Did The Darkest Minds perform well at the box office?

No, The Darkest Minds is one of those movies that failed to generate revenue after it hit the theaters in 2018. The overall budget of the movie was around $34 million and the revenue generated during its run was only $41.2 million. This is an extremely low profit for producers and does not compliment the hard work that has been put into the project, therefore, many people are skeptical about the release of its sequel.

Wrapping Up

The Darkest Minds is a science/Fiction movie that focuses on a group of teenagers who possess superpowers as a result of an epidemic and are being chased by the authorities. The movie features their journey alongside the events of betrayal, moments of happiness, sorrow, and the importance of trust.

The movie is based on a novel and was highly appreciated by the novel readers. However, it failed to generate revenue for makers due to its low ratings. So, fans are confused about the development status of the sequel of the movie and are eagerly waiting to reunite with their favorite characters. But, nothing has been confirmed till now from the developers.

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