Why Are Apple Watch Replacement Screens So Expensive?

Smartwatches have brought a real revolution in the watchmaking industry. There is so much to do with this device. In the last few years, it has become one of the favorite accessories of many users. Apple Watch lets you connect to all your social networks and other networking platforms. In addition, it allows you to take better care of your health. We must not forget his fantastic appearance.

Although this device is very durable and high quality, it is not resistant to damage. In case of a broken screen, it is necessary to repair or replace the broken screen with a new one. However, this repair involves replacing the whole watch. This means that you will get a completely correct and new watch, but you will also pay for it almost like a new model. You can read more about it in the rest of the text.

Screen replacement costs

Replacing this screen is not an easy process at all, so you have to prepare certain amount of money. The price of the screen is mostly half the price of a new device, similar to the Phone Repair. The reason for the high price is the complexity of the repair. So, this process does not only involve replacing the screen, but the repair refers to the whole watch. In that case, the companies will deconstruct the old device and use its spare parts for repairing other watches.


Is it worth replacing the apple watch screen?

Since this repair costs you as much as half of your device, you will probably do better if you buy a new apple watch. The difference in price between servicing an old watch and a new model is only $ 100 or $ 200. There is another key factor, and that is the expert who repairs the device. For example, if you go to Apple you can expect a brand new Apple watch.

However, if you go to a random specialist that you have not previously checked, you can only lose money. Therefore, always read the reviews and recommendations of satisfied or dissatisfied customers. If you plan to repair the watch, it needs to retain all previous functions such as water resistance.

Screen protector

If you do not want to constantly fear and think about a potential screen repair, it is best to use screen protection. First of all, installing this protection is a very simple process that takes a short time. There is a large selection of protection, which means that there is a difference in quality. Compare store offers and find the protection that best suits your needs.


Prepare the device for servicing

Before you take the device for repair, make sure that you still have the right to a warranty, because that way you can save a lot. For example, screens that are damaged due to manufacturing problems are fully under warranty while accidental damage is charged. Unapir your Apple watch before service, and it would be good to reset it. In addition to these, it is desirable to take a few more key steps. If you have previously unpair Apple watch, you will have a backup of your data. Once you get your device back, you will simply take advantage of the backup.

To unpair devices, hold apple watch and iPhone close, open app and click on My Watch. Then, click on the My Watch tab and stop pairing. Confirm this action and delete all content and settings on your apple watch. Remove the belt before sending your device for service. The accessories will probably not be returned to you, which is why you should do this, but make sure you remove the tape properly.

Removing the tape

It has been several years since the first apple watch was released. Over time, new models appeared, but with them came a variety of apple watch bands. There is a large selection, and you can opt for a sports variant or luxury Hermes leather bands, etc. It is useful to know how to replace the tape, because you do not have to do it only due to a malfunction. This is an opportunity to learn how to use strips to refresh the look of apple watches. Removing and adding tape may seem difficult, but it is actually a very simple procedure. To remove the tape, you need to turn the apple watch and place it on a soft surface.

The surface should be smooth and soft. Otherwise you will make scratches on the watch. Of course, if it’s already broken this doesn’t matter. Find the two quick release buttons on the bottom of the watch. Shower in the inserted strips. Press the quick release button and pull out the strap. If the strap does not come off, be sure to hold down the button. Do not force the strap out if you cannot at once, as this will damage it and the watch.


Benefits of Apple Watch

It is a great assistant, because with it you will be able to respond quickly to your contacts in real time. For example, you can respond to everyone by voice command, sending emoticons, etc. There are many other great features, such as calendar planning, alarm settings, reminders. You can set up all the information and notifications as you see fit, and you can make Apple Pay purchases with a simple wave of your hand.

This means you won’t need an iPhone or a credit card. Just use your apple watch. He is also a powerful partner when it comes to health and exercise. Thanks to the great performance of this digital watch, you can monitor your heart rate. Another key performance is the ECG sensor. It will alert you in time to potential problems that the sensor detects.


Apple says their screens are very resilient and can survive in a variety of situations. However, you can never be one hundred percent sure and that is why it is good to be careful. If you have already had bad luck with your device, consider whether it pays to repair it or you want to buy a completely new model. Don’t forget screen protection and other alternatives.

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